TradeSecure from EFCIS

Why you can say YES to high-risk commercial transactions!

If you’ve had to say NO to potential business from a new or existing customer because you couldn’t give or improve on the requested credit limits, TradeSecure could enable you to say YES to these transactions.

TradeSecure is a unique product developed by EFCIS that enables suppliers to enter into contracts that would otherwise have fallen outside of the risk parameters permitted by their Corporate Governance or in-house credit risk policies.

We know from working with clients over many years that while they have a desire to increase sales, this cannot be achieved at the expense of trading with high-risk Customers. Unfortunately, existing approaches to resolving these challenges have, until now, comprised complex financial products and costly legal drafting.

TradeSecure is cost-effective and quick to implement providing a solution to de-risk higher risk transactions.

“TradeSecure - Competitive Cost, Speed, and Ease of Use Underpin this Product.”

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