Global Litigation & Collections

Companies from time to time need specialist pre-legal collection and legal (litigation) support to recover debt owing to them. And this is certainly the case for overseas debt. At EFCIS we know that a single provider simply cannot effectively collect or go legal (litigation) to recover debt in every country around the world.

Due to the various proven capabilities of specialist collection and litigation providers, we have adopted an external panel approach. Our chosen providers have all the relevant local regulatory approval. (Please note, we do not act as a collection agent in our own right.)

What Does This Mean? What Are the Benefits?

We can recommend that you place your debt for collection with a partner that have demonstrated their capability in any given country and is competitive on costs. On occasion, our introduction to a partner may not solely be focused on cost. The ability to recover the amount outstanding quickly may be more important to aid Working Capital.

Our external panel of solicitors can offer advice on other legal matters. Such as enforceable guarantee contracts and terms and conditions of trade.

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